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Welcome to the Aromatic Plant Project Home Page!

The Aromatic Plant Project is an educational organization and assists people in finding the correct essential oil and hydrosol distillers and distillation equipment for their needs. We are a non-profit educational organization here to support American Agriculture and its natural products. We have distillation classes, See Calendar.  Our Introduction page has information about our goals, Mission Statement and the Founder, Jeanne Rose.
Using Hydrosols gives you the origin of the name "hydrosol" and great tips for using hydrosols, and a list of hydrosols available. We encourage you to navigate your way through the other information pages. Our NEW Online Subscription Request form makes subscribing to the Aromatic Plant Project Newsletter, or joining the Donor Circle, quick and easy.  Write or call for a membership information packet. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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An introduction to our Board of Advisors, our Mission Statement, valuable definitions and Subscription information.
Aromatic News
Extensive Articles and Archive of Aromatic Plant Project News and excerpts from the newsletter
"The AROMATIC NEWS", including Letters To The Editor.
Ways to Use Hydrosols

The origin of the word hydrosol!  

Great tips for using hydrosols! Plus, a complete list of our available APP Hydrosols!

Member Benefits
Subscribe now to "The AROMATIC NEWS, News from The Aromatic Plant Project". Every timely issue contains not only Jeanne Rose's AROMAtherapy 2037, but hot off the press industry news. Find out more and how you can help by taking distillation classes and by joining as a Donor Circle Member!
Events include Weekend Aromatherapy Classes, Seminars & Intensives with founder Jeanne Rose as well as the Harvest Distillation Classes & Workshops sponsored by the Aromatic Plant Project.

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Meet Jeanne Rose
Jeanne Rose, Founder & Executive Director of the Aromatic Plant Project, is an international authority on the therapeutic uses of herbs. Please visit Jeanne Rose's own Web Site!

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